Thank Yoga

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Thank Yoga is an independently owned Yoga Studio, in Columbus, Ohio, founded by Columbus native Josie Schweitzer. Josie made the leap and opened Thank Yoga Studio this past June. Her classes are designed for all levels, combining breath, beats(music), and movement.
”When you learn to relax your mind, you start to live in the present moment.” -Josie
This blog is a collection of all of the teachers and crew at Thank, their thoughts, pictures, and music they vibe to in class.
Happy blogging and namaste,
The Thank Yoga Crew

See all of your #everydayinmayty pictures right here!

#everydayinmayty Challenge pose day 8: #Visvamitrasana or as I like to call it. “How the hell did I get in this pose, pose”.

Get rooted, Be creative, show your interpretation, and most importantly, have fun!

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